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General Information [for Malaysia Resellers]

Jom Bisnes!! Buat Duit Dengan Menjual Lingerie

Kurang persaingan terutama di Malaysia

Nak Menjana Pendapatan Sambilan Sebanyak RM1K-3K sebulan mudah sahaja

Terdapat lebih 200 styles untuk anda pilih.

Anda Boleh Mendapat Untung Sebanyak RM20-RM40 untuk setiap helai lingerie!

Minimum Order Cuma RM999. Shipping akan dikira kemudian dalam invoice.

Ada 2 Cara Untuk Anda Meniaga:

Option 1: Simpan stok. Beli dan simpan stok sebanyak RM999 yang anda sendiri perlu jual.

Option 2: Tak perlu simpan stok. Letak deposit sebanyak RM999 dengan kami dan order daripada kami bila anda mendapat order daripada pelanggan anda. Dengan cara ini anda boleh jual 130+ styles di website/blog/forum tanpa menyimpan stok. Update 3/5/2011: Jika anda pilih option 2, anda perlu ambil stok sebanyak RM150 shj sebagai permulaan. Bakinya, boleh disimpan sebagai deposit.

Sultryain has now opened a new and bigger warehouse located in the state of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. You can take this opportunity to order from us as all orders are shipped from our Malaysia warehouse so you can save a lot on shipping. Our product quality, affordable pricing and good customer service have made us the preferred lingerie distributor in this industry. The following are the terms for our Malaysia resellers only:

Ordering Information

1) You must open a wholesale account with us online. For Malaysia wholesale members we accept initial orders of MYR$1000.

2) You may change the currency to MYR at our bottom left navigation.

3) Please order online using our convenient shopping cart.

Payment Terms

1) We accept direct bank transfer.

2) Payment in Malaysia Ringgit only.

3) If you want to pay via paypal please add another 5% to your total order.

Shipping & Handling Terms

This shipping fee is only applicable if you're ordering from our SSL/SSN/SSH collections.

1) Handling fee waived off.

2) The shipping rates based on total order are as follows:

Peninsular Malaysia:

MYR150 - MYR200 : MYR7.50
MYR201 - MYR250 : MYR9.50
MYR251 - MYR300 : MYR11.00
MYR301 - MYR350 : MYR13.00
MYR351 - MYR400 : MYR15.00
MYR401 - MYR450 : MYR16.00
MYR451 - MYR500 : MYR17.00
MYR501 - MYR550 : MYR18.00
MYR551 - MYR600 : MYR19.00
MYR601 - MYR650 : MYR20.00
MYR651 - MYR700 : MYR21.00
MYR701 - MYR750 : MYR22.00


MYR150 - MYR200 : MYR9.50
MYR201 - MYR250 : MYR11.50
MYR251 - MYR300 : MYR13.00
MYR301 - MYR350 : MYR15.00
MYR351 - MYR400 : MYR17.00
MYR401 - MYR450 : MYR18.00
MYR451 - MYR500 : MYR19.00
MYR501 - MYR550 : MYR20.00
MYR551 - MYR600 : MYR21.00
MYR601 - MYR650 : MYR22.00
MYR651 - MYR700 : MYR23.00
MYR701 - MYR750 : MYR24.00

2) For orders totaling MYR751 and above, shipping quote will be calculated and given in invoice after order has been made.

3) Your items will be shipped via Poslaju.

4) Strictly no self-collection in Malaysia.

New Arrivals Will be Updated on our new website: www.sensualgifts.net only. For Malaysia resellers, you may join our wholesale/dropship programme by filling up the form below:

Contact Information

We welcome your inquiries. Please contact us personally if you have any questions.

Online sales: sales [at] sultryain.com Sidah or Sofia

*Note: The above terms are only applicable to our Malaysia resellers only. The terms for international resellers can be found in this link. For Singapore resellers the terms can be found in this link. We reserved the right to amend or change our terms and conditions at our own discretion*

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